of our history and their future. Call a representative @ (904) 661-8733 Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm est or click here to fill out a contact form. We understand that many just don't have the time to give, but there is another way to give and that is by giving a monthly donation of $1 to help support GOD'S HOUSE. 

You can help us by becoming an official sponsor of the GOD'S HOUSE 3on3 Basketball Tournament and Funfest. It doesn't matter whether your sponsorship is corporate or personal, big business or the neighborhood corner store; your sponsorship is vital to the success of the tournament and the organization as a whole. When you become a sponsor of the basketball tournament you become a member of the GOD'S  

​knowing that your efforts are not only needed, but also appreciated. History has shown us time and time again that a united America  is a force that can accomplish anything. Lets unite in freeing our fellow Americans from the bonds of homelessness. History is the time that has passed us by and the future is time yet obtained. GOD'S HOUSE needs your time now; today, where the future is made. I urge you to become a volunteer at GOD'S HOUSE and become a part 

HOUSE family. A family dedicated to social change and a better way of life for all Americans. To find out more about GOD'S HOUSE 3on3Jax Basketball Tournament and Funfest and how you can become a sponsor, go to www.3on3jax.infoand choose a sponsorship package that is best for you and your business.         

Become a Sponsor

​We want to save every homeless man, woman and child from the pain of a homeless existence. Our government has set aside different grants and funding to assist many organizations in achieving their goals. Sometimes the funding just isn't enough to get the job done. The cost it takes to operate an organization of this magnitude can takes its toll on the limited funds available.   


Become a Volunteer

With busy lives it can be hard to find the time to volunteer. However, one of the greatest assets we have is the men and women that volunteer their time and services to ensure that our vision become a reality. The volunteers of GOD'S HOUSE is the core of all we do and are invaluable to the success of the organization. Volunteering can be both satisfying and rewarding