You no doubt understand the pressing need for a solution to the homeless situation in America. According to the Coalition for the Homeless 2015-2016 report, our veterans account for over 23% of the United States homeless population; which 89% received honorable discharges. Another 7% or 88,000 of the homeless are unaccompanied youths. That's our children living in abandoned cars or condemned buildings.  These statistics are staggering, heartfelt, and unacceptable. Our efforts to end homelessness can’t take effect unless we have the support of everyone in the country. You can no longer sit on the sidelines, waiting to see what's going to happen next. Now is the time to say, "NO MORE"... Now is the time to get involved. 

A tax-deductible donation  of any amount would help GOD’S HOUSE in its quest. By donating, you will be able to help rehabilitate 1200 homeless each year. We can't do it without you.

The Cure:

The United States Shelter Systems are being stretched to capacity each and every day due to lack of affordable housing and a strong program of rehabilitation. In order for the state of homelessness to change, not only will their mindset need to change, but ours as well. We, at GOD'S HOUSE: Rehabilitation Center for the Homeless, Inc. are dedicated and committed to making a change in the state of homelessness. Homelessness has been classified by many as a disease that is spreading rapidly like a plague and has no immediate signs of a cure. We believe that with our programs and committed approach to this national epidemic, homelessness can be treated. If homeless is truly a disease, then GOD'S HOUSE: Rehabilitation Center for the Homeless, Inc. is definitely the cure

The Effect:

In addition to mental or physical illness, substance abuse has also been a major contributor to America's homeless situation. Advocates for the homeless estimates that individuals addicted to drugs constitute a higher proportion of the homeless than the mentally ill or any other identifiable subgroups. The recent outbreak of the drug methamphetamines (street-named crystal meth) has become one of America’s biggest drug scares of the decade and is the drug of choice among homeless youths. People addicted to crack cocaine typically spend on the average of $200 daily on their addiction. Heroin addicts spend about $150 a day and the majority of the individuals in the shelter system are addicted to one drug or the other, not to mention those that abuse pharmaceutical drugs. In many incidents, the outcome results in birth defects among women who abuse drugs, incarceration and/or even death. The reasons GOD'S HOUSE: Rehabilitation Center for the  Homeless, Inc. has been established is to address these and other issues and help put an end to the plague and poisons of addiction and homelessness.

The Facts:

There are countless reasons why someone might become homeless. Many have become victims of tragic events and/or life circumstances. Then you have those that have made bad decisions and have fallen into sinkholes that their lives have not equipped them to handle. Many have called it fate, and have become complacent with their present state of existence. Then there are those that prefer homelessness over responsibility and choose to live their lives via public assistance and the compassion of others. There is also cases in which the shelter system has failed them and the streets have become a safer more reliable alternative than the facilities that are designed to help them. The fact is that because you don't know what to do, turning your head on the problems of the homeless will not make it or them disappear. In many city where the cost of living outweighs the average income ... homelessness is usually the end result. Research has shown that the main cause of homelessness is the lack of affordable housing for our lower class and underclass population. Together we can change that statistic and the lives of over 610,000 Americans


GOD'S HOUSE mission starts with a vision to end homelessness in America. To accomplish this, our goal is to  put a GOD'S HOUSE facility in every major city in the United States. How do we achieve this city at a time, one state at a time. Some people have tried to stereotype us as a shelter, but we are much, much more. We address the underling issues of the individual, as an individual to develop a personalized solution to their homeless situation. Just as the name applies, we intent to rehabilitate the homeless from homelessness to home ownership. We are not looking to provide a temporary solution to the problem, but a permanent solution to the homeless crisis in America. The end result is that GOD'S HOUSE can and will change the lives of over 1200 homeless individuals in each facility, each and every year.