I know that you have seen commercial after commercial asking for your help. Did you know that just $1 a month from each member in your household would transform the lives of 1200 homeless Americans each and every year? That's right...I said a TAX DEDUCTIBLE dollar bill is all it would take to change the life of a child, help a man or woman find stable, dependable jobs and put a permanent roof over the heads of a homeless family. Dare to imagine what a monthly donation of $5 would do...I did. We need your donations to make this happen and we need them TODAY!!! Together we can help the homeless once again become productive members of our communities, our society and our overall economy. We would gladly take a one-time donation of any amount but we would dance a jig and do cartwheels for a monthly donation of $1 or more. Please help us by giving


​We, at GOD'S HOUSE, would like to give special recognition to Ms.Ardes  Armstrong for being the first official donor to the GOD'S HOUSE mission. Thank you Ms. Armstrong for believing in our cause

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GOD'S HOUSE: Rehabilitation Center for the Homeless, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated and committed in its quest to end homelessness in the United States. Every donation and/or contribution we receive goes directly to helping fund the social and rehabilitation programs set forth in our mission statement. Our approach is not just to give temporary assistance, but to change the lives of every homeless family and individual through social, economical, and addictive rehabilitation. We need your help in order for us to achieve our mission and change the cycle of homeless forever. Our shelter system has become a system of revolving doors. I've been there, seen it, and experienced it. What was once a mission of hope has been turned into an enterprise for big business and I say "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH".

GOD'S HOUSE: Rehabilitation Center for the Homeless, Inc.

 239 St Robert Blvd  #415

St Robert, MO 65584

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